Website Development. SEO.
Email Marketing. Image Resolution.​

Do these words make you uneasy?

Website Development. SEO. Email Marketing. Image Resolution.​

Do these words make you uneasy?

We can help you through the maze.
We can help you through the maze.
At Platinum Impact, we specialize in helping you conquer your fear of the unknown. Whether you’re starting a new business and need a new digital marketing strategy, or you need to overhaul a current site, we can help you navigate the maze of online marketing choices.


Web Development​

Platinum Impact develops in WordPress, for engaging, versatile, efficient, and expandable websites that are secure and economical. We have been developing websites since 2003 and we’ll help you achieve your goals, utilizing our experience in writing, designing, and coding.  Contact us to see how we can help you.


Search Engine Optimization. Sounds scary. Basically, it’s about making sure that on each page, the headline and subhead, the content and links, the images and files, etc, all contain words people might search to find your website. It’s a simple concept that requires consistent attention to detail. Platinum Impact is really good at SEO.

Email Marketing

You want to stay in touch with your customers. You need to court new customers and show them what sets you apart from your competitors — what makes you an expert in your field. You can accomplish both by sending occasional emails. Let us help, so you don’t run into any nasty spam laws.

Graphics (& writing, too)

Platinum Impact can support all your online graphics needs, from website design to regular social media content. But we love to do graphics for print, too. We design logos, create business cards, brochures, banners for trade show booths — the works. We even design book covers and tee-shirts. We write brochures and anything else that you need for print. We’re full service, Folks. Give us a call, and let’s see how we can help.

Contact Us

Contact Us
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